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Comeuppance 1110

Comeuppance 1110—This fictional thriller is more of a chiller. It starts off softly, slowly pulling you into a web of spine-tingling, hard, cold mystery. As you drift into a world that you sometimes recognize but mostly fear, you cannot decide whether the main character, Charles, is a villain or a hero. Once you delve in, you are trapped in a web of terror. All sensibility is questioned. It is like entering the twilight zone. You want to wake up, but not really. You are filled with intrigue. The anticipation of what will happen next keeps you enchanted.

The Apocalypse Commenced…

I had two guns, five stakes and three knives. Over my shoulder and across my chest. I carried a courier messenger bag that was rustic and comfortably worn in. It was as much a part of my being, as was the stubble hair that grew from my face. Even when I took it off, it was back in no time.

From the strap of the bag, I configured a quick release that held a slingshot. In the right front pocket were garlic filled pods wrapped in worm skin. I'd learned to be quick and precise with my motions, to fire when only necessary and necessary always equated to staying alive. In the other pocket was a vile of monk blessed water from a nearby spring. I have never laid eyes on this spring, but probably have come as close as any human with the fortune of still being alive...To be continued...


The Dream

The Dream—A comic-based piece of whimsical ingenuity. A piece of work that easily falls within the fan-fiction genre—a smorgasbord of bewilderment. The reader will recognize at least one favorite movie, sweet treat, or TV character and marvel in disbelief at how the author was able to mesh it all into a free-flowing fanciful writing

The Midnight Special…

”Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful”…is whistled by white collared orioles, in a scintillating showcased spectacle of choreographed aeronautic reverence.

Conscientious canaries commend peacock esteem eminence, serenading every elegant stride with blares of bellowing admiration.
Powder puff colored ducks quack…quake floors of standing room only studio, exec offices.

Pistachio popping parrots, mimic late show intern karaoke mouth movements in an amazing display of cloned melodic impressions.The stealthy liquid, ebony colored ravens arrive…ominously levitating within gothic lore omens of clandestine creepiness.

The majority of the “Wonderful Pistachio” aviator zoo list was in attendance, awaiting three other fantastic fowl invitees…for the nut celebratory extravaganza.
Swooping seagulls swipe, grab, and release a “WONDERFUL PISTACHIO” billboard banner, dropped atop Mr. Eagle's wintergreen cage, protecting stashes of scrumptious pistachio morsels...To be continued…



Enigma 1208

Enigma 1208—Volume 1 highlights several suspenseful adventures that will leave you speechless, bewildered, and astonished, as well as curious and intrigued about what comes next. Adventures include, “Killfest”, “Hellish” and “Tooth Terror”.


There were a few left standing. I threw caution and the crossbow in the bag. Furiously running toward the necrotic slugs. Shotgun tightly gripped. Meanly positioned for barbaric brain splatter and blown out bones. I mowed them down like summertime grass . Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Sparks of hot blue flames ripped off extremities, thickening the fog, as I hopped over their mangled limbs. Desperately hurrying for the last ferry to the mainland.

The dark woods and an eerie cesspool are the only barriers between me, the serum and my dauntless fight for mankind. There was a bush covered kayak tied tightly to an emaciated tree stump…rocking back and forth…side to side from the rustling of the murky water.

I pulled out my dagger...slicing through the thick rope with an enraged swipe…quickly jumping into the bogged down boat...feverishly untangling from the scattered shrubbery and sticky spider webs. I was ducking and dodging bouncing frogs that trounced schools of leaping tadpoles, as flipped lily pads formed splashed ripples of blackened water.
I was on a spiritual manhunt…the sky darkening by the second, while the humidity incrementally rose…To be continued…