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Did I Stutter?


I live to write—Until recently, I underestimated my passion and its extreme impact on my life. As a child, I stuttered, secretly stifling my voice for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. My penchant for creative writing helped me to locate a clearer voice…simultaneously nurturing and enhancing my self-esteem.

This memoir of soliloquies is a vivid articulation of esoteric ingenuity. I tend to write in blank verse of unparalleled variety, invention, and rhythmic flexibility.

My soliloquies bring-to-light, social commentary—igniting higher-order thinking, which allows the reader to challenge his or her own ability to think outside the box. Each thought is mirrored through photography, giving the reader a deeper experience into understanding my take on the world.

I manipulate words using alliterative intricacies—a stylistic device, which will hopefully intrigue and pique the interest of youths, sparking a lifelong appreciation for reading.
My dream has been to publish a book that can be used as a tool for helping others find their voices and maintain a healthy self-esteem.

I am writing for the world to experience my passion—my inner-being manifestations—for all who need a vehicle that will quench a desire to become outspoken and expressive.

I am hoping this book of self-expression will help others who are in search of their inner selves, and for those young men who need to be heard when no one is listening.

Did I Stutter? is a “linguistic portfolio” of personified uplifting, carefully interwoven with tried-and-true mantras of scripted “thoughts 2 things” creations. When in the hands of the curiously astute, this intricate piece of writing will open doors to the sublime mind—soulfully enlightening the brain with spiritual logic.

At the very end of Did I Stutter?, I provide the reader opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and feelings in regard to my commentary—I am very optimistic the prompts will help stimulate eclectic dialogue and an unrelenting passion for creative writing.

Works In Progress
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