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“I write till my eyes bulge in a cellular, gleaming fuzziness. Phone-cultivated tapping…fumbling finger-smashed letters, in repetitive, frustrating backspacing…tediously erasing forethought-conceived explanations till society’s semantically designated “poetry prose”, “prose poetry”, "free verse", etc...qualifies internal art...

My combined pieces of writing construct gargantuan amounts of precise conciseness via arrays of adapting flexibility and unfathomable imagination.

Piping scorching passion pens vibrant verbosity, as mental paintbrushes shellac esoteric expression in an intricately glossed buffing.

Meditated metamorphosis, conjures my visualized relativity, answering inquisitive introspections of self-promised premonitions.

Polarized persuasion single-handedly script volcanic manuscripts, while bustling narratives direct acute scrawled artistry in a formulated succinctness.

Mind envisioning high beams flick on visionary visions of eloquent rhetoric, either verbal or scripted.

Sledgehammer syntax pulverizes printed and lingual inhibitions…handcuffing all colloquy contenders.

Lyrical volts of wet outlets shock sentences into a sizzling awakening of antagonistic carnage, obliterating obnoxiously shallow rivals of endogenous inferiority.

Words of warfare capitalize stances of exemplified verbiage, personified satire, and eclectic jargon…compartmentalized within my vernacular armory of linguistic prowess.

Stashed "cannonball" nouns, "machine gun" verbs, and "artillery actuated" adjectives, fortify linguistic bunkers with volumes of diligently distinct dissertations.

Calligraphy stencil accuracy, intuitively auto-writes unparalleled self-channeled soliloquies.

—Antar Yusef