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I Am The Creator Of My Own Destiny


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About The Author

Antar Yusef Drakeford Lindsay is a native Philadelphian, born November 10, 1972. He was named for the Historic Ethiopian Poetic/Warrior Antar.

He attended the parochial school system and walks this earth with a unique persona—One that is admired by some and misunderstood by others.

Antar is a unique soul, in search of the truth, while fearless against the lie.
He is a lifelong learner. His desire to mentor the youth and advocate for the elderly is reinforced in his behavioral health training at Historically Black College/Universities (HBCUs), Lincoln and Hampton.

A cure for Autism is a dream that pulsates in Antar’s heart and soul. His nephew, Jace Nelson, is a living example of how love and support can bring to the surface true talent and creativity. Jace is profiled in Did I Stutter?, under “I’m Bad”.

Did I Stutter? is Antar’s first attempt at teasing the brain, magnifying words that matter. This piece of profound writing highlights his reality—raw and unabridged. He takes liberty with using the King’s English and does not apologize.

Writing relentlessly, using his Galaxy Note phone, Antar methodically
composed all of his soliloquies and Works In Progress.

Antar credits his spiritual ideology and trust in the universal laws to spiritualist and renowned author Esther Hicks.
Predicated on her guidance, he has acclimated his thought processes toward practicing personal alignment. Through this alignment, self-actuation is his summoned materialization.

Antar has only tapped the surface on how meditative focus can help morph thoughts into realized manifestations. Finally, his dream has become a reality in Did I Stutter?

His favorite authors are Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe both of whom are known for their unique literary skills.

I Am Self Actualized

I Am Humbled